Additional Recycling and Resources

Free Recycling Drop-Off Center

309 Como Avenue S, St. Paul, 55103 (Como & Minnehaha) is a free drop-off for Saint Paul residents and small businesses to take recycling, including flattened cardboard.  Site is hosted by Waste Management.  Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM and Saturday 8:00 AM – noon.  For additional items accepted at this site, visit St. Paul Recycling Drop Off.

Food Scraps Collection at Home

Do you want to recycle your food scraps?  Get a small container for your home (a lidded pail), and get compostable bags from the Ramsey County yard waste site. Fill your bag-lined container with your food scraps and other acceptable items, then take it to the food scraps collection dumpster at the yard waste sites.  Dispose of the bag and pick up a new compostable bag for the container.  Our office still has a couple food scraps containers.   To request a container from the Payne-Phalen Community Council office, please email and include your name, address, and phone number.  We will arrange to drop off a container at your residence or for you to get it at our office.

Food Scraps Collection Sites

In addition to the Ramsey County Yard Waste sites, the city has several sites that are open year-round to take your food scraps:  Most are open 24/7.  Visit the website for the most current locations.

Composting at Home

Are you interested in trying composting at home?  You can find information on backyard composting on several sites:

Attend a free “Composting 101 Workshop.”  Participants will receive all the supplies they need to get started.  Details at

Compost bin sales
Compost bins are available year-round through the Recycling Association of Minnesota RAM bins. The year-round sale purchases can be picked up in Maplewood.  Bins are also offered for sale in the spring with different pickup locations throughout the metro. Discounts are offered for Ramsey County residents.  More information at Ramsey composting.

Recycling at Events 

Do you have a family reunion, wedding, company picnic, or fundraiser coming up?  Collect the recycling and compostable items (food scraps) at your event using Clear Stream container stands.  Containers are easy to transport, quick to set up, and can be used indoors or outdoors.  Borrow for your organics waste, recycling, or both!

If you live in the Payne-Phalen Community Council (District 5) area, email to reserve containers and for more information.  Your reservation includes containers, bags, and signs.  Please reserve at least one week in advance.  Pick up and return containers to the Payne-Phalen Community Council office at 567 Payne Avenue.

Additional locations to borrow Clear Stream containers from:
The City of Saint Paul and many of the District Councils have containers to borrow.  Contact the City at 266-8866 or visit the City website  for information
The Ramsey County Environmental Health office has containers to borrow.  For details and to reserve containers, call their office at 651-266-1199 or visit

Come Clean Programs

If you are concerned about ongoing litter and trash in the neighborhood, the City of St. Paul has the Come Clean! programs with several ways residents can get involved and help.  The City supplies the trash bags, gloves, and disposal and you – or your group – provides the time and energy.   You can have a one-time litter pickup, adopt a block, or adopt a container.

  • One-Time Litter Cleanup:  Choose an area to collect litter, such as a sidewalk, park, or block.  Fill out the form required on their website.  Put the bagged litter in your own trash cart or container.  If home disposal isn’t possible you can arrange for a pickup.
  • Adopt a Block: Requirements include a minimum 2-year commitment and to clean all four sides of the block and the alley at least 4 times a year.  Put the bagged litter in your own trash container and food scraps in a backyard compost or take to a Ramsey County Yard Waste site.  See all requirements and complete the form on the website.
  • Adopt a Container: Requirements include a minimum 2-year commitment, you supply bags and remove filled bags and dispose of them in your trash container. See all requirements and complete the form on the website.

The required form can be completed online using the link on the page, or you can download the forms and program details. See the Come Clean! Resources section