Welcome to the Payne-Phalen Neighborhood.

Payne-Phalen is the largest of Saint Paul’s identified neighborhood Planning Districts (District 5).  Our neighborhood is prized for its history, natural beauty, vibrant diversity and welcoming, relaxed and friendly character.   Residents and visitors are drawn to the neighborhood’s rich architectural history, unique destination businesses, old world charm, the sparkling waters of Lake Phalen and the peaceful wooded retreat of  Swede Hollow.  Whether your tastes range from pho to pancakes, a steaming cup of coffee or cold local brew; you’ll find a global menu of delights  at local shops and restaurants. Strong schools, churches, cultural organizations, block groups and associations keep the welcome mat out and help connect friends and neighbors.  Our excellent location, green parkways, and connected trails ensure fast access to all the metro area has to offer.

Payne-Phalen is fueled by  “East Side Pride”  – that intangible spirit, commitment and energy that makes Payne Phalen a unique and vibrant neighborhood generating possibility for all. The Payne-Phalen Community Council (District 5) serves as our  “community living room” where neighbors and businesses regularly meet to exchange plans and craft action to improve Payne-Phalen and organize robust community participation in Saint Paul’s planning and decision making processes.