The Neighborhood

Just minutes from downtown St. Paul, Payne-Phalen is the largest of Saint Paul’s 17 designated neighborhoods. It holds commercial corridors, Payne  Avenue and Arcade Street, which create parallel north/south backbones of the Payne Phalen neighborhood. Residents and visitors are drawn to the neighborhood’s rich architectural history, unique destination businesses, old world charm and the sparkling waters of Lake Phalen. Whatever your tastes: hot coffee and homemade pie, tamales, egg rolls, pizza or chow mein, you’ll find a global menu in local shops and restaurants. Strong schools, green parkways, and a spirited, energetic, committed and diverse community make Payne Phalen a vibrant neighborhood.

North: Larpenteur Avenue
South: Grove Street/Phalen Boulevard
East: Bruce Vento Regional Trail
West: I-35E

Zip codes: 55130 and 55106

Payne Phalen has historically been a point of entry for successive waves of new immigrants and refugees who have settled in Saint Paul. Payne Phalen neighborhoods continue to be a place of welcome for new residents who make Payne Phalen their community of choice. New residents frequently cite the affordable value and quality of older housing stock as reasons for locating in the area. The area is notable for its friendly and relaxed neighborhood character, many natural resources such as Lake Phalen and Swede Hollow, and recreation opportunities abound with connected natural green spaces and trails. The convenience and accessibility of Payne Phalen offers immediate access the Twin Cities metro area. Quick and convenient access to all major roads and the Phalen Boulevard make this a prime area for residential and commercial reinvestment.

The neighborhood character physically reflects this history with its varied architecture, housing stock and businesses. This history is also reflected in varied local celebrations, and a variety of social networks. This area of Saint Paul is a youthful and energetic neighborhood. One in three people were under the age of 18 according to Census 2010.

Little_one_ES_PrideThe community expresses a keen pride of place.  It’s not uncommon to see “Eastside Pride” lawn signs created by ESNDC and distributed by District 5 dotting area lawns.  Proud of our diversity, the neighborhood also shares a unifying neighborhood spirit of belonging and enthusiasm that spans our geographic community. The area retains its  strong tradition of civic and labor leadership.

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