Background Information

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City of St. Paul Comprehensive Plan – Saint Paul for All, Adopted 2019

District 5 Plan, Adopted 1979

Arcade Street Small Area Plan, adopted 2006

Detailed plan draft with background

Arcade Street Small Area Plan Summary as adopted by the City Council

Railroad Island Plan, Adopted 2007

PPCC: Equity Investment Rationale, 2017

Equity Investment Rationale 2017

PPCC: Preliminary overview for district planning process, 2018

D5 Plan Update – 2018 preliminary overview

PPCC: Scope for District Plan Update, 2020

PPCC District Plan — Project scope context and background – approved by the Board

PPCC: Primary Partner Organizations for District Plan Update, 2020

Community Partners List – Amended by the Board 7-28-20

PPCC: District Planning Phasing Diagram (aka “The Zipper”), 2020

PPCC District Plan Phasing Strategy – The Zipper – Approved Jan. 2020