Women’s Economic Issues Forum

Listening Session on Women’s Economic Issues

Thursday, November 10, 2016
6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Battle Creek Community Recreation Center (Community Room), 75 Winthrop St. S., St. Paul.     Directions here https://goo.gl/4TrlNC  

HOST: Legislative Office on the Economic Status of Women http://www.oesw.leg.mn

FORMAT: An unstructured discussion. We simply ask, “What are the primary economic issues for women in your area?” “What are the economic success stories of women in your area?” and “What are barriers to women’s economic success?”

PURPOSE: Gather information to advise state legislators on women’s economic issues. Sessions are being held in six locations in Greater Minnesota, and two in the Twin Cities area.

WHO IS INVITED: The general public, and all who are concerned with women’s economic issues, including the needs of low-income women, women of color, older women, students, and veterans.

RSVP to Barbara BattisteOffice on the Economic Status of Women barbara.battiste@oesw.leg.mn  (651) 296-0711

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