Transportation Events or Activities

Pedestrian Safety


Walking in urban communities has many health, environmental and economic benefits. Pedestrian safety is a key factor in promoting walkability and health in our Payne-Phalen neighborhood.  The District Five Transportation Committee is exploring ways to promote pedestrian safety.

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Stop For Me event overview


A crosswalk event occurs when an individual or group of individuals promote pedestrian safety by demonstrating the proper use of a crosswalk. During the event, a group of community members legally cross in a predetermined crosswalk following the Crosswalk Law.  While crossing, two individuals carry a banner displaying pedestrian safety messages provided by Share the Road. This will be visible to pedestrians and motorists as the banner travels through the intersection in the crosswalks, promoting pedestrian safety to drivers and passersby. Other individuals can promote pedestrian safety by following the banner through the crosswalk and passing out pedestrian safety materials to pedestrians.

There are no Stop For Me events planned at this time for 2024.