Saint Paul Street Lighting Study

Public Works will be testing different Light Emitting Diodes (LED) street light bulbs in three neighborhoods and is seeking community input.

The test will occur from Monday, March 20 to Friday, May 19, 2017. New bulbs and signs about the test are currently being installed on the test blocks. Each block will have a different test bulb and will have signs indicating this.

Testing will happen in the Lex-Ham, Hamline-Midway and Payne-Phalen neighborhoods. In the Payne-Phalen neighborhood the test will be on Magnolia, Jessamine and Geranium Avenues between Earl and Duluth Streets. In the Lex-Ham neighborhood the test will be on Portland, Laurel and Hague Avenues between Lexington and Griggs. In the Hamline-Midway neighborhood the test will be on Blair Avenue between Lexington and Hamline and on Van Buren Avenue between Griggs and Hamline.

To Provide Feedback:
Public Works is looking for feedback on a number of different factors about the lights including brightness, evenness, glare, perception of colors in the light, and overall like/dislike of the lights.  Note that this is not a vote on which LED bulb the City should use, but will help inform the City’s selection of LEDs in the future.

Please go to for an online or paper version of the survey to provide feedback about the different street light bulbs. Paper surveys can also be picked up at the Payne-Phalen District 5 Planning Council office, 506 Kenny Road, Suite 130, or printed from this link: LED survey paper – Payne-Phalen 3.14.17  Public Works will also be hosting events on the test blocks to answer questions and distribute and collect paper surveys. Dates of block events are not yet scheduled.



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