Recycling Carts coming soon!

Wheeled, lidded carts are coming!  More items can be recycled!
Changes to location and collection day!

Saint Paul is upgrading our recycling program to make it easier for you! Get ready for:

Wheeled Carts.  A wheeled, lidded recycling cart will be delivered to your home starting November 28 and be complete by January 14, 2017. You can begin using it January 16. No sign up necessary!

  • 64 gallon carts (medium) will be delivered to each residence from single family to 4-unit.
  • Two 95 gallon carts will be delivered to each 5-11 unit building.

Alley Collection.  Recycling in carts will be collected at the same location as your garbage. This means you may switch to the alley. 60% of the community will have a collection day change.

To Recycle More!  We’re adding more items to our single sort recycling program including paper tubes (paper towel and toilet paper rolls), cardboard food tubes (Pringles), and refrigerated food boxes (butter). A packet of detailed information will be delivered with the cart.

Keep using your old curbside bin until after the first of the year. Once we shift to carts, it’s yours to keep! Use it to collect recycling in your home or repurpose it for another use. The City will also be designating drop-off locations for recycling old bins.

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