Railroad Island Special Event

Railroad Island Task Force

Railroad Island Sign at Lafayette & Tedesco & Desoto

STOP FOR ME Pedestrian Safety Event Plus a Meet Your Neighbor get-together.

NOTE: This special event will be in place of the regular monthly meeting at HOPE Academy.

STOP FOR ME Pedestrian Safety Event
Come on out to participate in the STOP FOR ME pedestrian safety event at 619 Lafayette. This crosswalk is heavily used by many in our neighborhood to get to/from the Eastbound 64 bus stop, especially many folks with mobility challenges & visual impairments from the apartments at 619 Lafayette.
During the event, a group of community members legally cross in a predetermined crosswalk following the Crosswalk Law. Other individuals can promote pedestrian safety by holding the “Stop for Me” banner and passing out pedestrian safety materials.
Meet Your Neighbor Get-Together
Come Meet Your Neighbors and Chat with Good Friends.
We will meet at the RRI sign at 6PM.
Make a Sign for the STOP FOR ME event.
Enjoy a Treat. If you are so inspired, bring a treat to share.

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