Hamm’s Brewery Online Discussion

Community-wide Event

Online via Zoom. Please register for online meeting.

The City of St. Paul is seeking development proposals for the Hamm’s Brewery Complex on East Minnehaha Avenue in St. Paul.  Six local, East Side organizations are pulling together to help make this effort a success.  A community tour is scheduled for Thursday, November 18th at 3 o’clock.  Meet at 680 East Minnehaha, Gate 9.  Masks will be required.  Later, at 7 pm, we’ll have an online community discussion about the project and the possibilities.  Please register for the online meeting by sending an email to district5@paynephalen.org and include your name and address.

For additional information, please visit the City’s website for this project at: stpaul.gov/planning-and-economic-development/Hamm’s  We hope you can join us and please bring a friend or two!

Community Sponsors: Historic St. Paul, Dayton’s Bluff Community Council, Payne-Phalen Community Council, Railroad Island Neighborhood Group, East Side Neighborhood Development Corporation, and East Side Area Business Association.

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