Electric Vehicles and Car-Sharing Presentation

Are you looking for more transportation options?  Do you just need a car occasionally?  Car-sharing can help fill the gap.

Starting in 2021, there will be a new fleet of electric vehicles and electric vehicle (EV) charging hubs in the Twin Cities, including chargers for public use. These will be in addition to the existing network. This network will be accompanied by the electric vehicle car-sharing service HOURCAR. Find out where charging hub locations are proposed and learn more at PPCC’s November community meeting.

Tuesday November 24th Presentation and Community Input
An informational presentation and opportunity to provide input on the project will be made during our community meeting on Tuesday November 24th at 6:30 PM online via Zoom. Everyone is welcome!  To join the meeting, please register by sending your name, address, and email address to district5@paynephalen.org and please use the word ‘HOURCAR’. On the meeting day we will send you the meeting link.

There are current HOURCAR hubs in St. Paul and Minneapolis. View these maps. The maps show the current hub locations and proposed electric vehicle hub location areas. Proposed areas are marked with the star symbol and represent a 3-4 block area where the hubs are proposed. The proposed areas and specific locations for charging hubs are not finalized. How charging locations are selected. Among the questions that will be discussed are whether the proposed areas and locations seem to be a good fit for potential users.

For more about the electric vehicle network and car-sharing services, visit stpaul.gov/transportation/twin-cities-electric-vehicle-network. Some materials are available in Hmong, Karen, Spanish, Oromo, and Somali.

Free usage of the current HOURCAR service has been extended through the end of 2020. HOURCAR’s rates for service in 2021 will be discussed in the upcoming community meeting.

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