Drop-Off Volunteers Wanted

The Payne-Phalen Community Council wants to offer pickup service for seniors that can’t get items to the drop-off location on June 22nd.  We are looking for a few volunteers willing to help pick up items from seniors that day. You would be picking up items for your neighbors in District 5. If you are interested and have a way to transport the items to the drop-off site, we will coordinate the pickup from seniors.

Please contact Robin at our Payne-Phalen Community Council office at 651-774-5234 or email robinh@paynephalen.org for questions or to volunteer.

If we are unable to arrange a senior pickup for the June 22nd drop-off, then we will coordinate a senior pickup for the fall event scheduled on September 14th.

If you know of a senior in our area that needs items picked up please have them contact our office.

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