City Services

Resident Handbook

The following guide provides information about frequently used city services and departments. It also assists with nuisance issues and getting involved with your neighborhood association. For more service questions, contact the City of St Paul at 651-266-8989

The Saint Paul City Services Community Guide

Citizen Service Information and Complaint Office – 651-266-8989

Find out information about past and future city council meeting dates and other city meetings, as well as laws, codes, ordinances, and issues that concern you. The same number also fields complaints regarding graffiti, garbage, weeds, safety, disturbances, nuisance, sidewalks, and construction.

Call to obtain information on the following topics:

  • animal control, leash laws, missing pets
  • business licenses and permits
  • resolving disputes between neighbors
  • safety issues at home or in your neighborhood
  • using a recreation center or getting on a municipal athletic team
  • volunteer opportunities in St. Paul
  • water, electric and gas utility issues

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